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Where there’s a Will…

I am sure I am not the only person who has had quite enough of the endless durge of adverts for comparison websites. Fronted by irritating little meerkats or incredibly annoying lip-syncing opera singers, they litter the breaks between every TV programme and claim to offer us the best deal on anything from car insurance to flights. Well, it seems (much to my regret) that there could be even more such adverts coming up in the near future, this time for will draftsman.

A test case is starting today at the High Court concerning two middle-aged siblings who want to choose their own executor for their late step-father’s estate. The step-father chose a company to draft his will in 1999 and elected them to be the executor of his estate. However, the step-children claim that they should have the right to choose someone else, given the charges that will be incurred. Obviously, this would be a massive case if the High court found in favour of the step-children, because to do so would be to usurp what was written in the deceased’s will.

We are yet to hear the finer details of this case, but from the outset it looks like the step-children will be running a cost argument, i.e. that if they can find a cheaper quote for executing the will, then they should be entitled to go with this, or at least be charged the competitive quote only. My guess would be that, in a world of such annoying ‘go compare’ adverts, the step-children may well have a case here- the compromise might be that they have to keep the executor named in the will, but only be charged the competitive rate.

Of course, if the step-children are successful, we could see even more of those bloody adverts on the TV, so I’m not sure who to root for. Hmm..I wonder what sort of crazy character would be employed to front a will drafting comparision website…a singing Grim Reaper perhaps? They could call him Grim Cheaper! (sorry)

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